12 Reasons Why You Should Save With Piggyvest

Written by Mary Abiodun

Piggyvest is much more than a savings platform or app. I use Piggyvest and you should too but in case you are wondering, “What is Piggyvest and why should I use it?”, I have here 12 reasons for you.

I believe that from all you will be reading here, you will gain insight on what Piggyvest really is, why you should save with Piggyvest, and how you can get started. As icing on the cake, you would also get to know why I love Piggyvest.

What is Piggyvest?

Piggyvest is an online bank that helps you save money just like your normal commercial bank just that they are better, they are innovative and they challenge you to save. They do this better than your normal banks. Besides, they added other benefits to help you spice up your saving habits.

The new Piggybank

They have taken it a notch higher and have added investment options to the current saving option they have. They want to help you to not just save but also invest.

You know what that means, right? More money for you and more opportunities to make your money work for you because investing is just making your money work for you. That is why they had to change the name Piggybank to Piggyvest just to accommodate investments.

Why You Should Save With Piggyvest — Your 12 Reasons

1. You earn points for saving

2. Higher interest rates than your commercial bank

3. Transparency of transactions

4. You can set withdrawal dates

5. You are penalized for not following your plan

6. Different saving plans come with interest rates

There is Safe Lock with about a 13% interest rate. Safe Lock is when you decide to put some money away for a particular period of time. It works like the Fixed Deposit Account for commercial banks. One interesting thing about Safe Lock is that you get your interest upfront. Your interest is immediately paid to your Flex Naira account when you safe-lock any amount but your original amount is withdrawable after the period of time you set expires.

7. Save for the future

8. Get money transferred directly to your piggy account

Make transfers from any bank to my piggybank account here to see how this works.

9. You earn a referral bonus too

You can create your own free Piggybank account now.

Check out how you can redeem your N1,000 referral bonus as a new user.

10. Automatic savings

If you don’t want the AutoSave option, you can deactivate or turn it off. You can then use the Quick Save option any time you wish to save.

11. Savings Challenge

12. Investment options

Looking to start on the path of investments, check out these four questions you need to ask yourself before you start investing.

How to Get Started with Piggyvest

It is very easy to create an account and if you feel like using the referral option while creating an account, you can do so but it is optional.

You can also download the Piggybank mobile app to save as you go.

Why I Love Piggybank

  • Awesome testimonials and stories from amazing and inspiring customers.
  • A beautiful and colourful website.
  • Great user experience.
  • Top-notch customer relationship service.
  • They respond to emails and are active on social media.

Do you know that Nigerians save over 1 billion Naira with Piggybank every month?

These are 12 reasons why you should save with Piggyvest.

Have questions about Piggyvest? Drop them in the comment section, let’s have a discussion.

Thank you for reading!

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