12 Reasons You Should Save With Piggyvest

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What is Piggyvest?

Piggyvest is an online bank that helps you to save your money just like your normal commercial bank but they are better, they are innovative and they challenge you to save.

The new Piggybank

Why You Should Save With Piggyvest — Your 12 Reasons

1. You earn points for saving

With Piggyvest, you don’t just save, you earn points for saving. Every point earned can be converted to cash which is kept in your Flex Naira account and it can be withdrawn at any time.

2. Higher interest rates than your commercial bank

Piggyvest now pays between 8% -10% for both PiggyFlex Savings, Target Savings, and Piggybank Savings. For Safelock, it is up to 13% in interest rate. I doubt you can get such an interest rate from any bank.

3. Transparency of transactions

Every month, you get a breakdown of how your interest was accrued on your savings. The interest is calculated daily; you get to know how much was paid daily as an interest to you on any amount saved. There’s also a record of all your transactions.

4. You can set withdrawal dates

You can set the time to withdraw your money but if it is not set, Piggyvest has its own withdrawal dates that you can use. It’s four times in a year and it is quarterly.

5. You are penalized for not following your plan

If you decide to withdraw before the date that you have set, Piggyvest now charges you 2.5% of any amount you wish to withdraw at that point in time. This is just to make you a man of your words and to discourage you from being an impulsive spender.

6. Lock your funds like it’s Fixed Deposit

Safe Lock on Piggyvest is when you decide to put some money away for a particular period of time. It works like the Fixed Deposit Account for commercial banks. One interesting thing about Safe Lock is that you get your interest upfront.

7. Save for the future

The ‘Target Savings’ is a way for you to save for the future. You target an event in the future and you begin to set money aside for it. This is good if you are saving towards a wedding, a birthday, a burial, or a fun event — any event at all.

8. Get money transferred directly to your piggy account and save in dollars.

Anyone can make transfers directly to your Piggybank account just like they would with your normal bank account. This is because you can get a unique bank account for your Piggyvest account. When a transfer is done to this account, it goes directly to your PiggyFlex account on Piggyvest.

9. You earn a referral bonus too

This is one awesome part of having a Piggyvest account. When people join Piggyvest using your referral link or your phone number, you both earn a referral bonus of N1,000 each.

You can create your own free Piggyvest account now.

Find out how you can redeem your N1,000 referral bonus as a new user. You can also find this in the FAQs section on their website, under Referral Program (Stories).

10. Automatic savings

Automatic savings is also referred to as AutoSave. This is when Piggybank saves for you based on the time and amount you state. This can be daily, weekly, or monthly. You can deactivate or turn off the AutoSave option if you don’t want to use it.

11. Savings Challenge

For the savings challenge, you can decide to start a challenge with friends where you all decide to save a certain amount consistently for a particular period. This can also be a form of Target Savings if you all are targeting the same goals.

12. Investment options

Piggyvest has investment opportunities from different trusted sources that users can explore to grow their money. You can invest in agriculture, transportation and other investment opportunities there.

How to Get Started with Piggyvest

Visit piggyvest.com and create an account.

More reasons for you to save with Piggyvest

They are tested and trusted and they’ve got:

  • Awesome recognition for amazing and inspiring customers.
  • A beautiful and colourful website.
  • Great user experience.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • They respond to emails and are active on social media.



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