20 Leadership Nuggets from the book: “In Charge”

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“In Charge” is a book on leadership written by Myles Munroe.

When I read this book, I found it very fascinating because its content resonated very much with me. I picked these 20 nuggets from it and I’m here to share them with you, my readers.

The 20 nuggets:

  1. When you hide from responsibility, God hides greatness from you. When you make yourself valuable, people look for you.
  2. Even though you were born to be a leader in your arena, it comes at a price. It is a process of preparation, training, development and refinement. The position is prepared for you but you have to prepare yourself for that position.
  3. Leadership is not for you but for others. Leadership is becoming yourself for the benefit of others. Leaders recognize the gifts in others.
  4. When we are not ourselves, we experience stress. When we are not where we should be physically, emotionally, spiritually, we experience stress. Most of the stress we experience results from being in the wrong spot. If you have to struggle, you are out of your spot. If it wears you out, you are out of your spot. Your spot will give you energy, not deplete it.
  5. When you are out of position, you affect other people. Anytime you devalue people, you are out of position. Serve the interest of people; meet their needs, let humanity be your concern.
  6. Your gift is fun. You enjoy it, you can do it all day, and remember, they pay you to do it. When you find your spot, going to work is pleasure.
  7. You will always have what you need if you help other people achieve what they want. Supply your gift to the world and your gift will make room for you in the world.
  8. They do not know you because you do not know yourself. Your employer pays you a little salary and gives you little tittle, and you’re proud of that. What a tragedy! You’re worth more than anyone can pay you. I am convinced that every human in the world was born to solve some problem. You’re carrying something that your generation needs.
  9. How can you know who you are? Your Creator will introduce you to yourself. Even when you or other people do not know you, He knows you.
  10. You must set aside time for quiet reading, prayer, meditation, and study. Make it a project. That is how you discover yourself and begin to discern your Creator’s purpose. You cannot lead if you cannot hear God’s will for you and if you cannot hear yourself think.
  11. Leaders are known not by the medals on their chests but by the scars on their backs.
  12. Trapped in you right now is a hidden leader. You live in a trap set by your environment, by your conditions, by people’s opinions, by a culture, by all kinds of traditions, but leadership is built into you.
  13. Vision is when the seed sees its own forest.
  14. When you find what you were born to do, your enemies come alive. When you are not in your leadership post, people may like you because you are just like them — lost. However, when you find out what you really are and you decide to go for it, all hell will break loose on you. Even in your own house, your enemies can rise. When you find your true self, others may hate you because now they cannot make you who they want you to be anymore. When you discover your true self, they cannot manipulate you anymore.
  15. Your job is what they pay you to do. Your work is what you were born to do. Ability without skills is the source of mediocrity. Whatever you’re passionate about inspires others. True leaders never make excuses. They may give reasons but not excuses.
  16. Creativity: A leader knows more than one way to solve a problem. A leader loves new approaches, suggestions, and ideas, even when they are not his own. A leader has the ability to work around a problem and see it from twenty different angles.
  17. When you know your purpose, you will seek out others who can help you. You will go a great distance to find them. You will try to learn what others have to say about the things you do. You will read everything you can get your hands on about it. Those who have found their spot and are serving their gift continue to refine.
  18. Never let your leadership gift take you where your character cannot keep you. Character is from four principles: fixed, predictable, image, statue. It implies something that is unchanging and firm.
  19. Integrity means having an integrated self. Who you are, what you say, what you do, and how you appear are all one.
  20. One reason leaders do the little things is to prepare themselves. They refine their gifts by serving in all the roles. They gain experience so they can teach the next person exactly how to do it. They can show the next generation of leaders; not just tell them or send them a book.

Did any of the nuggets resonate with you like they did with me? Highlight that nugget or share with me in the comment section and let’s discuss them further.

I can’t wait to hear from you. Thank you for reading.

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For those who would love to read the full book, the book title is “In Charge” by Myles Munroe.




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