2021 in a Split Second

  • A year of sharing in the wins of my friends.
  • A year of working with my clients, sharing in their success stories and getting great feedback for the work that I do for them.
  • You might not know what Colibri Africa is about but in 2021, Colibri Africa was featured as one of the 101 amazing service industry startups that’s worth a follow.
  • A year of training and speaking with youths in Africa and the University of Pennsylvania.
  • A year of catching up with old friends while I took bold steps to make new ones too.
  • A year of helping youths take on opportunities.

Some lessons I took with me in 2021 that I would love to share with you

  • It is possible to be sitting on a pot of gold without knowing because you are despising what you have.
  • Don’t take screenshots for granted. Screenshot important things. They can later stand as a source of motivation.
  • Blessing is more than money. Your bank can be in red and you still feel so blessed.
  • Sometimes, going out gives you ideas especially if you spend more time being indoors.
  • This particular lesson is from the Bible — God comforts us in our tribulations so that we can comfort others in their troubles with the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.

Two quotes I will leave you with that stood out for me in 2021

  • I can’t judge the relevance of what I’m doing based on people’s opinions. People’s opinions are often limited by their knowledge and are very subject to change — Goodness Adegbola.
  • Some things break your heart but fix your vision.



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