4 Basic & Shocking Digital Skills You Need to Thrive in the Digital World

4 min readMar 2, 2021


Technology is a big part of our lives right now and so many seem to be lost in the fast-paced and fast-changing world.

With the COVID pandemic that caused organizations to lay off a vast majority of employees in the past few months, it is easy to drift into the thoughts that the next things to start learning in order to be rightly positioned for the jobs of the future are courses in Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development and others similar to this.

It would surprise you to know that the digital skills you need now are not related to any of the above. In fact, you already have the skills you need if you have gone through some form of schooling or have had some job experience in the past.

Here, you would find what these four (4) skills are and how useful they are in helping you succeed in any digital career you opt for. Let’s start!

1. Writing

Writing is one underestimated digital skill. It doesn’t look like a digital skill but it is. With writing, it is easy to communicate with anyone in the world in any language you are familiar with.

In digital communications, writing is a crucial part of it. Even though you can also communicate using emojis, emoticons, voice notes, memes, gifs and videos, you still need to write on platforms that do not provide all of these options. One of such platforms is email. Everyone needs the skill of writing.

Some people might think that writing doesn’t come easily to them and so, they do not consider themselves to be writers. If you track your chat messages every day, you would be surprised at the number of words you are churning out in texts.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to write. Writing is one great digital skill that would not only profit you professionally but would also benefit your personal life. It makes you organized and you should start to do more of it.

2. Reading

This goes with writing. You can’t write and not read what you have written. If you can read this, you have gotten a great skill that you can use in the digital world. If you can read and understand what you have read, you cannot be cheated. You would be able to ask the right and appropriate questions that would open you up to a greater world of wisdom.

If you can read, you can go through unreasonable terms and conditions and legal documents that do not serve your interests and you would be able to refute them. If you can read, you can defend yourself anywhere. With reading, you can tap into the minds of great men and women as you listen to what they say to you through words.

Reading is such an invaluable skill. If you can read, you can gain knowledge and increase strength.

3. Communication

This is a continuation of the first two skills. You can write and speak and still not communicate. Are you sure that the person on the other end truly understands what you have written or what you are saying? Are you sure that your words and emojis are not passing a wrong message and not confusing the person reading them?

Communication is mostly digital these days and it involves one person writing and the other person reading. If you don’t do it well, the meaning of words can be lost and can even get you into a digital fight. Lol.

Learn how to communicate by writing in a clear form, use simple words and try to explain what you understand to the other person before taking actions on what is said.

4. The Use of Digital Tools, Apps and Software

Your ability to read will make the use of digital tools and software a walk-through. Apps are designed and created in a language and some apps allow you to change their language. If you understand the language used, you can only use the app effectively.

Some apps come with tutorials and guides. If you can follow the guides and tutorials, you can find your away around the app and use it to your advantage.

Different digital tools allow you to learn, communicate, collaborate and get things done. If you have the first three skills mentioned earlier, you can be tech-savvy and can thrive in any environment where the work culture has gone digital.

Take the first three skills seriously; they would help you attain the last and with these four skills, you have the digital skills you need to thrive in the digital world.




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