7 Outstanding Qualities of a Christian Teacher

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NB: The audios attached provide more context to the qualities that will be discussed. They are really short and are mostly below 2 minutes.

Who would you consider the most outstanding person in the world?

The most outstanding person in the world (not as a physical being now) is our Lord Jesus Christ.

In essence, Jesus is going to be our case study for these qualities.

And we will be picking out 7 outstanding qualities from Him that can also make us outstanding as not just teachers but global teachers.

The first quality I will be sharing was given to me by a friend.

It’s tagged as Empathy with Discernment

Quality 1: Empathy with Discernment.

That’s the first quality.

Mind you, these qualities are in no particular order.

Here, we can see two key words:

Empathy and Discernment

Empathy is the quality or ability to feel what others feel and be happy to put ourselves in their shoes.

Discernment is the ability to check within and in the spirit l, the origin of a particular word, thought, or action, whether it’s from the Spirit of God or from the enemy.

Developing discernment as Christian Teachers means that we have to be rooted in the Word of God and in prayers.

Both are highly important for us.

So I encourage you as a Christian Teacher to develop and sharpen your discernment.

One of the reasons why we have to be grounded in discernment is because things don’t always appear the way they seem.

Our physical world is more spiritual than we can imagine.

Before things manifest in the physical, they are first dealt with in the spiritual.

We are dealing with different kinds of people and we really need to know how to relate with everyone with God’s lenses.

You would also be out of trouble many times if you develop discernment.

Quality 2: Greater Works

Jesus promised us that greater works than he did would we also do.

But let’s bring it home to being a teacher.

As teachers, we are to spur ourselves and those we teach to greater works.

As humans, we like the status quo a lot. But that’s not God’s design for us.

God’s design is that we keep getting better till we become like Him.

Practical application is that we push our students and pupils beyond their abilities.

We ourselves as teachers need to keep training and retraining so that we don’t become stale.

It’s not a good thing when we look incompetent before our students.

They would not even have the courage to come to us to ask questions.

Another thing for us to do is to give opportunities to ourselves and others to shine.

Share opportunities, share and give of yourself to make others better.

This brings me to the third quality.

Quality 3: Sacrifice

Are we dying to self daily?

Are we only conscious of our gains in this world and forgetting about eternal rewards?

The both don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

But we also need discernment here to know when to let go of physical gains and focus on things that are eternal and not temporal.

Sacrifice is a quality that cannot be ignored.

When you’re sacrificing and giving of yourself, your students know.

And when it’s time for them to sacrifice for you, they will do the same.

They will go to all lengths to ensure that you reap the rewards of your sacrifice either now or in the future.

Our Lord Jesus sacrificed a beautiful throne just to save us.

He had servants, angels and so many things at his beck and call but chose us instead.

But in this day and time, we are choosing ourselves and not those students.

And it is the reason we have so many wrong things happening in educational systems today.

Nobody cares about anybody anymore.

It’s just the “me! me! me!” syndrome.

I pray God gives us the grace to be giving of ourselves just as He did.

Quality 4: Give Something More

Outstanding teachers give something that’s more.

And what’s that thing that’s more?

Give them Jesus!

Give them the Holy Spirit!

Give them God!

Give them this and they are made for life!

Quality 5: Teach with Authority

Jesus is our practical example of one who taught with authority.

We take a cue from Him.

Quality 6: Newness and Freshness

The sixth quality is the quality of Newness and Freshness.

Mark Chapter 2 speaks on this.

But I specifically want to focus on Mark 2:12.

And immediately he arose, took up the bed, and went forth before them all; insomuch that they were all amazed, and glorified God, saying, We never saw it on this fashion.

Mark 2:12

Have your students told you that they have never heard or seen it in this fashion? Maybe when you teach or counsel them?

Have you told them things based on God’s inspiration and they tell you, “This is the first time I’m hearing this” or “This is the first time I’m knowing this”?

This is the quality of Newness and Freshness.

You have to keep dishing out new and fresh insights.

People should always find something new with you.

Something that’s not common.

Something that only God has for you, to the nations.

And we only get this newness and freshness from our relationship with the Father.

He gives the ideas. He gives the newness. He gives the freshness!

Quality 7

The seventh and last quality.

This is a very relatable one.

Be open and approachable

Thank you so much for following.

It’s here we draw the curtain.

Thank you for giving me your time and for sharing this time with me. I appreciate it.

Special thanks to the founder of the Christian Teachers Global Network (CTGN) for inviting me to do this.

Share your questions and thoughts in the comments.

I would be happy to have them and answer them. Who knows? I could even write a full article to address them.

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