Break Your Writing Barrier & Start Your Writing Career in 3 Short Steps

4 min readSep 28, 2021

This is inspired by a question I received from a follower who asked me about how to start writing and if I could share tips on how to begin.

This is not my first time of getting similar questions and I’m sure it is also a question on the minds of many people who want to get started with writing but don’t know how.

I will share tips you can use to kickstart your writing journey from anywhere. There is also a free tutorial for anyone looking to publish their writings on a platform like Medium.

See Medium like your personal blog. It’s also free.

Tips on How to Start Writing

For tips on how to start writing, there are different ways to go about it and I will share the ways that I have used to get started with writing on the internet.

1. Look for writing opportunities

My first ever internet article is not on my personal Medium blog. This is it — My Tech Journey So Far

It was a request made by the owner of this blog to publish original stories of people. I wrote it, I sent it and it was published.

So my advice from here is, look out for opportunities to write and submit your writings.

With these opportunities, you might not be paid to write but it will give you the confidence to submit any piece to blogs and different publications. And if they pay you, that’s also very good!

You could also be lucky enough to find editors from this place who will be willing to work with you to make your writing better.

2. Share personal experiences

Be free to share your personal experiences. I realized that it is very easy to write about what you’ve experienced than writing about something else. Start from there.

Think about the things you’ve done, the outcomes, the lessons, the highlights, the low moments and any other thing that you’ve experienced on a personal level. Think about sharing that with someone else. Go ahead and write about it.

Imagine yourself writing to just one person. Assume that this one person really needs what you are about to share. It could be a source of encouragement for you to write (just like I’m doing now).

3. Publish or don’t publish

It all depends on you. Not all your writings will be published. It’s not because they are not good enough. You write for different purposes.

Some of your writings might not be suited for the audience on the internet. They might find meaning and expression with a different audience and that’s totally fine.

I have some articles that I share to people only on a personal level. One of such article is for healing, breaking free and living your best life. I only share that piece with people that I think need it.

It’s not for everyone. But if you ask me about it, I could share it with you. I also have another one that is titled, “Lessons from Jacob”, and many others.

If you feel comfortable enough to publish on the internet, then Medium could be a great place for you to start. You can create an account on Medium if you don’t have one already and start sharing your writings there.

I created this tutorial to help you get started very fast.

How often should I write?

You don’t have to write every day as some people will advise. Just do what works for you.

With time, you might find yourself writing every day but that’s also dependent on a lot of factors that’s unique to you.

As for me, I write when I feel like and when I think I have a burning topic within me that I want to write about. Other times, I write on request.

Stick with what works for you.

It is also normal to experience what is called ‘the writer’s block’. It is the challenge or inertia you experience whenever you try to write. This is my own simple definition for it.

How to Deal with the Writer’s Block

I have here some tips for you from Clementina Busayo on how to deal with the writer’s block. She is a published author and you can take her tips with you.

Here’s her 3-way approach:

· I write when I am inspired to #besttimetowrite

· I write when I have decided to #secondbesttimetowrite

· I write when I know I need to #thirdbesttimetowrite

Think about these and use it as a guide for deciding when to write.


Always remember that there is something you have to share with the world. Even if someone else has already spoken about it, they would never do it in the same way that you would. Don’t let that hold you back.

Speak about it by writing about it. Add your own unique voice to it and make it yours.

I will stop here for now but do let me know if you have any questions for me about writing. You can send me a private note on Medium or send a DM on Twitter.

I’m thinking of having a writing masterclass for interested people. It’s going to be the second edition. If you are interested, send me a message and let me know what you will like to learn.

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