4 Important Things To Do Before Going Back To School

2 min readSep 7, 2019

Back to resumption!

It’s that time of the year when students return to school after a long holiday. They get back to old friends to share holiday moments and they get ready to face life in the remaining months of the year.

Starting school again can be overwhelming as there is a lot to prepare for. What are some of the things to do to be ready for this new phase?

1. Reset your mind away from the holiday

I know the holidays are enjoyable and you really don’t want them to stop but school is starting soon and you really need to get to work. Tell yourself that you have to get back to school. Remember your teachers, lecturers, school friends and think about all the good times you have had together. That should help you want to get back to see them again.

2. Start Preparing

Whether you are a boarder or a day-time student, full-time or part-time student, preparation is key to starting a new session. What do you need? Ask yourself, find out and start getting them together. If you need to go to the market to buy things or do some little shopping, do it. Just make sure you are thinking deep enough so that you don’t forget anything that you might need.

3. Do some quick revision

School is structured in a way that new topics are built upon old ones. As you resume for the new session, you will be learning new things that will be a step up on the topics in the previous class or level you were. If you have forgotten some school work, now is the best time to brush up on them before resuming. This will help you to move fast in school.

Best time to check your books again.

4. Check your general well-being

Well-being here refers to your health, be it mental health, physical health, emotional health, psychological health, just make sure you are fine and healthy to go resume at school. In the case where you find out that you are not alright, please go see a doctor; see a therapist or psychologist and get yourself together. You will be grateful for it.

Don’t forget to be the best version of yourself as you resume school.

I wish you the very best!




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