How First Time Startup Leaders Can Recruit and Manage Interns.

How do you recruit them?

  • Through referrals from trusted sources.
  • Through social media (if they’ve been consistently showing up with their skills and you are convinced that they are right for your startup).
  • Through training organizations (e.g. from the digital marketing training by MEST Africa called PREMEST, and many others)

How do you manage the interns?

  1. Draft a contract of agreement to be signed by your company and the interns. Remember that interns are employees too; they might only be staying for a shorter period than a regular employee.
  2. Identify what the interns will be doing for the period of time they will be with you. This could also be the reason you recruited them in the first place.
  3. Ensure you let them know what the mode of communication will be, and choose the best medium for easy flow of information. This will also apply to how they communicate with one another.
  4. Give them all the tools they need for their work.
  5. Make room for their growth: suggest courses and programs they could take to learn on the job. They are interns, don’t expect that they know it all. None of us does. You can also include avenues for them to improve their presentation skills — they can make presentations from time to time.
  6. Give regular feedback. (This could be daily or weekly feedback. I prefer the daily feedback because it makes you connected to them and assures them that there is someone who is interested in their work).
  7. If you can have a proper onboarding session, please do. If not, a short call for introductions and what to expect will also do.
  8. Be flexible. Plans can change as you go. You are in a startup environment, expect these things to happen. Just let your interns know and update them with the changes.



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