How to be strategic with after-school and employment

3 min readDec 11, 2020


Speaking to youths on topics like this is always a great delight for me.

In this video, I shared 6 major ways you can be strategic with after-school and employment with a bonus on the different paths you can opt for immediately after school.

Watch the video

My video session on how to be strategic with after-school and employment. Stops at the 34th minute. Shout out to Temidayo for the invitation.

Some few highlights:

0. Know Thyself: Putting yourself in situations that stretch your limits can reveal to you the things you never knew about yourself. Friends and families are also crucial in pointing you to your strengths and weaknesses. Use their help.

  1. Never Be Idle: Engage your mind by thinking critically about your future plans and best strategies for the future. Learn a skill, read books, learn to work for free, try taking up internship opportunities, attend events. In a nutshell, just do something. Never be idle.
  2. Do not despise relationships: In the video, I shared a personal story as to how some of the relationships I made in school were instrumental in some of the job opportunities I took up after school. Relationships are people, never underrate any human.
  3. Network: No matter your temperament or personality, there are ways to profit from networking opportunities. I shared in the video how to connect on a deeper level with people even if you are an introvert like me. Introvert or extrovert — you can have meaningful networks. Just know thyself, that’s always the first place to start.
  4. Have a great work ethic: Your time management skills, integrity, punctuality and excellence contribute to having a great work ethic. You need to take them seriously and avoid being lazy. Be excellent!
  5. Work hard, work smart, work hard: I believe in working hard and working smart at the same time. There is no smart work without hard work. Even if the work is mental and not physical, there’s always some form of hard work involved. Embrace both!
  6. God: A lot of time wasted can be avoided if only we can seek God’s help in all we do. Learn to involve God in even the minutest things of all. After-school and employment is also not an exception. His direction is all you need.

Two things can follow after-school and this could also be three depending on the path you choose.

You can choose to go for further studies like doing a Master’s program or a doctorate degree (PhD). You can also choose to learn a skill and enrol into some form of apprenticeship.

You can choose to do remote work, work on a part-time or full-time basis, be a freelancer by offering your skills to those who need them or you can choose to tow the path of entrepreneurship.

Some people become entrepreneurs while in school while others start this journey after school. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers and problem-solvers and you can be one.

Got more questions for me on any of the strategies listed here, drop them in the comment section. I won’t hesitate to reply you.

Watch the video if you haven’t done so. In the video, I addressed each of the strategies with more details and I gave examples and shared stories and personal experiences.

I’m sure you would pick some useful lessons there.

Don’t forget to clap and share with friends and families. (*Big hugs*)

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