How to Excel in One-Way Interviews

5 min readAug 13, 2021

You’ve applied for the job and have probably done a series of tests, the next stage is the interview process. But this interview is not the conventional interview where you sit before a panel at a physical venue or on a video call.

This interview is different. It is called the One-Way Interview.

What is the One-Way Interview

The one-way interview is one-way just like its name. In this kind of interview, your questions are pre-recorded by the interviewer, and the interview is not synchronous. This interview happens virtually but without the interviewer at the other end of the screen.

The pre-recorded interview questions can be in video or audio formats and you might be required to send in your responses to the questions as a video or audio. You would need to have your camera set up and your audio settings intact. A strong internet connection is also a plus for you if you want to get over it quickly.

Benefits of the One-Way Interview

With one-way interviews, you save yourself the stress of finding your way to a physical location to take an interview. You also get the freedom of deciding when you want to take this interview; you can take it at your convenience but within a particular time frame as set by your interviewer. In other words, there will be a deadline for you to take this interview and send in your interview answers.

One-way interviews also help you reduce the tension of having prying eyes stare at you during an interview session. This is good news for anyone who is interview-shy or feels nervous before a panel or an interviewer. You also get the time to think through the answers to the questions. You have the opportunity to give it your best shot. You can make several attempts before submitting the perfect video or audio that addresses the question you have been asked.

Note that you would have to create an individual video or audio to answer each question you are asked. All the questions won’t come at once but you would answer each question as it comes with your video or audio responses.

The one-way interviewer also boosts your confidence to perform better. It doesn’t totally erase the nervousness but it reduces it. Sometimes, you are given a few seconds to prepare your answer before you record your response but overall, you do have the time to rehearse your answer before you submit it.

It can feel new and uncomfortable at first, but the online platforms that serve these interviews also give you the support you need to take them. They offer practice questions that can help you test your audio and video settings and give you a feel of what to expect in real interview sessions. You don’t have to panic. You will be supported to go through this.

Preparing for One-Way Interviews

You prepare for one-way interviews the same way you would prepare for a two-way or synchronous interview where you have an interviewer asking you direct interview questions. Just because it is a one-way interview doesn’t mean the usual question like, “Tell me about yourself” is eliminated. Prepare to answer this question or a similar question as your first question in the one-way interview.

Dress to the one-way interview like you would do if it were a physical interview. Because it is a one-way interview and would be happening behind a screen does not change the fact that it is still an interview except you have been pre-informed that it will be an audio interview. Notwithstanding, dressing for the interview puts you in an interview mood and helps you comport yourself for the interview.

Ensure that your computer settings for video or audio are in the right conditions.

Wear a smile even if you will be doing an audio recording to answer questions. Your smile will come through in your voice plus it gives you this positive outlook.

You might not be prepared for the question you would get but you can take a moment to think through your answers before recording your answer. This is not the time to exaggerate or give out wrong information. Make your answers as clear as possible. If you do have a time limit to record your answer, try your best to fit your answer within the limited time.

Other Interview Tips

  • Be confident. Dress well to also increase your confidence.
  • Have an open mind. Expect anything and prepare for anything.
  • Be yourself. Don’t try to impress. Let your personality flow out naturally.
  • Contribute meaningfully if you do find yourself in a team.
  • Take your time to think for a few seconds before you give answers. Don’t delay for too long. A few seconds is just okay so that it helps you gather your thoughts and buy some thinking time.
  • Sometimes, you can ask your interviewer to explain the questions better or clarify if you didn’t get it the first time. This is suited for physical interviews or online interviews that are synchronous and not one-way.
  • And I hope you find the tip on smiling (as mentioned earlier) very useful.


If you are looking for a platform to practice how to take one-way video interviews, Spark Hire has several educational resources for you to do that.

Job platforms like Indeed also allow applicants to take one-way interviews when they get to this stage in their application process. You can expect an audio one-way interview.

One-way interviews have come to stay especially with the increase of remote jobs. Prepare yourself for them. You have nothing to fear. You would do great!

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