How To Fix Bad Habits

2 min readMay 31, 2024


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Deep down a craving is a motive. This means that there is always a real reason people do things.

When you’re craving for food, you’re not craving it for craving sake, but it’s because there is a deeper motive, which is, you want to satisfy your hunger.

In trying to form or break a habit, you need to bring in feelings and emotions because they are tied to cravings.

If you attach a negative feeling to a habit, you have a high chance of not doing it because you’d want to avoid the negative feelings.

You can also attach positive feeling to habits you want to form.

A negative feeling can reduce or stop your craving for a habit. A positive feeling can do otherwise.

When you want to form an habit, make it attractive by attaching it to a positive feeling.

When you want to break a habit, make it unattractive. Attach a negative feeling to it.

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