How Your Environment Affects Your Habits

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Two best ways to form habits

The first way is implementation intention and the second is habit stacking.

For implementation intention, you know the kind of behavior or habit you want but now, you attach a date and time to it.

It has been found that when you want to do or start something, if you are able to attach a time and a location to it, it becomes easier for you to do as you intend.

Habit stacking is about attaching new habits to your old habits.

Let’s say you already have a routine or a set of habits that you are aware of and they works for you, you can attach new habits that you want to form to the existing ones.

Your environment and your habits

If you put things around you, they become easy to find. You can easily build up certain habits this way.

One of the things you can do for yourself when it comes to forming habits is to use your environment to help you.

For the things you want to do more of, find a way to spread them around you so that it’s easier for you to reach them and it’s easier for you to form the habits.

An example is forming the habit of reading more books. Sprinkle books around you and it will be easier for you to pick them and read.

You can also separate certain spaces, rooms, or environments for certain habits.

Whenever you come into those environments, it’s easier to perform the habits you have associated with those spaces.

You know that the kitchen is where you cook and eat, the gym is for exercises, your workspace is for work, the bedroom is for sleeping.

Anytime you come into these environments, your body just becomes accustomed to the habit you want to perform in that place.

That way, you are using that environment to help you to develop those habits.

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