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First off, if you want to know the power you possess as an introvert, I will recommend the book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. The author is Susan Cain.

Introverts are known to be a unique set of people that keep to themselves most of the time.

You might think they are anti-social and they sometimes think the same about themselves but this is how they reach into their real being and uncover their true potentials.

They are also very reflective and this is a good thing.

Most actors and public figures you might know are introverts. But then, doesn’t it sound like an irony? How can one be a public figure and still be an introvert at the same time?

Interestingly, I have met really great introverts who know how to hold a conversation and have a good sense of humor. One of them is the writer of this piece you’re currently reading.

Let’s talk about networking for introverts.

Introverts are shy. In social gatherings, they can easily be identified because you see them just sitting on their own without speaking or connecting with anyone.

In this modern world, it is not a mistake if you see them hiding under the cover of typing and scrolling on their phones instead of having real conversations.

The introvert is also not a person of the crowd. Large gatherings wear them out and social gathering are not their forte.

They are not the extroverts who can easily have their way with people. They are also very skeptical about who they choose to relate with.

But the beautiful thing is this: when they do have someone who makes them comfortable, you will see them in their elements and you can almost mistake them for an extrovert.

How do you as an introvert make yourself a networking expert?

Don’t try to be an extrovert:

You don’t have to be who you are not. Don’t copy the extrovert or try to network with others like they do. You are unique and your networking style is also unique.

If you stay with me a bit, I will tell you just exactly how your uniqueness can do much more for you than trying to be an extrovert.

Take it one person at a time:

You are an introvert. Remember you do not have the luxury of dealing with a crowd.

Don’t feel bad if you only get to meet just one person at a social event. You can milk that one network to do so much more for you than an extrovert would.

You have the power of focus here unlike an extrovert who meets many people and might not even remember their names some other time.

In your case, you have just one person and you can go ahead to learn all about that person. If you get the privilege of meeting two people, that’s also good. If not, stick with the one you can find.

What you will have at the end of the day is a meaningful connection.

Be unforgettable:

This point is the most important of all. One of the ways to be unforgettable is keeping in touch.

You can do the 24–7–30 rule. What does this mean?

Reach out to the person you just met within 24 hours after your first meeting. It is a way to re-introduce yourself and be remembered.

Reach out again once after one week (7 days), then say hello within a month (30 days).

This is something many extroverts might not do because they have many people to keep up with but as an introvert, it is easy to follow up with one person.

My Experience & Advice

In my experience, making one connection has proved very useful in having enriching relationships with people.

It has also helped me build trust with them and they are easily opened to introducing me to others within their network when the need arises.

You might not make many friends at first but you end up making much more in the end because you choose to focus on one person.

People like other people who are interested in them and who take time to give them full attention. As an introvert, this is your superpower.

Stop being apologetic. Instead, embrace who you are as an introvert.

Keep in touch and let me know how you are using these tips to meet more interesting people.

From your fellow introvert…

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