Questions That Upcoming Writers Ask Me

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Q: I would love to start writing myself. Can you please share tips on how I can begin?

Find the answer to that here. I wrote a full article to share the tips with you and even more.

Q: Do I have to be a professional before I start writing?

On a contrary, you need to start writing to become a professional.

No writer started as a professional but they kept at the art, they kept learning, improving and showing up with their writings.

That’s how you become a professional. You cannot become the noun (professional writer) without doing the verb (writing).

Q: How do I find my writing niche?

With writing, some people already know the niche they want to focus on while some don’t.

Even those who find a niche early on could have new interests that could change their niche or add to their already existing niche.

But if you are confused with the niche to start with, you can start writing broadly in the beginning.

Over time, you will begin to know which of these areas you are more passionate about and you can go on to focus on that and make it your niche.

Sometimes, your niche is that area where you have the most knowledge. Other times, it is just an area that is very interesting to you, and so, you’re more interested in it.

Your writing niche could be what you love to research the most. In this case, it would soon become what you’re most knowledgeable about.

It might take time for you to find a niche but in the meantime, enjoy the euphoria of writing about different things.

Q: What if I want to start writing as a freelancer, what do I do?

As a freelance writer, it means you have to write for other people.

Building confidence in your writing skills makes it easier for you to become a freelance writer but to build this confidence, you need to share your writings and see what feedback you would get.

Feedback is a great way to improve on your writing skills. With great feedback, you can be more confident to launch your freelance career.

That doesn’t mean all the feedback will be great but the more great feedback you get, the more you get a boost to your writing confidence. Be open to feedback.

Q: When you first started writing, weren’t you having this fear of people not engaging with your contents?

No. When I started, I felt I had something to share that people need to read. I wasn’t writing because I wanted approval from anyone.

I was writing because I wanted to write, solve the problem of others, and create something others can find enriching and educative.

When I find people asking some questions over and over again, I write about it, and convert it into an article that can be shared to anyone who ask me that question again.

I was sort of putting my programming skills to use by not always repeating myself (DRY). And that’s what I am also trying to do with this article.

If I tried something that other people can do too, I write about it.

I know someone somewhere is going to find it valuable. Even if it is only one person who gets to see what I write, I would have achieved my aim.

I like to say that I focus on the audience of one.

If by any chance I get people engaging with the content, cool. If not, maybe there will be another time for someone to do so.

If there is no one, I write because I want to write.

Q: Do you think I need I need to start a blog before writing as a freelancer?

You need a track record.

People will want to see what you’ve written before. That’s not to say you cannot start without a blog.

You can but you will be more authentic when you can prove that you can really write.

That proof is what a blog can give you.

Q: I currently write but I just post on WhatsApp, what do you think?

If you’re posting on your status, you know all of your writings will disappear after 24 hours.

If you are sharing as a broadcast message, you are limited to family and friends and anyone who has your contact.

You might be more comfortable with doing this as a beginner, maybe as a way to build confidence.

You can try posting longer forms of content on other platforms and maybe decide to start your blog.

Q: Do I need to have a specific niche before I start writing on a blog?

Some people advise that you get a niche but I think the thought of having to find a niche first before you start writing can hinder you from actually starting.

Whatever niche(s) you choose, let your writing be valuable.

Extra Advice

If blogging is not what you are ready for, you can write on the cloud, say on Google docs.

You can also keep your writings there and share links to anyone who would like to read them there.

For writings that you don’t necessarily have to share, you can write them in a journal. In here, I shared the art and benefits of journaling.

Whatever way you choose, it’s all up to you.

Got more questions for me about writing that are different from any of the ones above, drop them in the comments. I will answer them.

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Cheers to writing!




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