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What do you think? This is what I think.

Countless times, when you create resumes and CVs (there’s a difference between the two though) to apply for remote and local jobs or to schools abroad, you might be pressured to ‘embellish’ your CV.

Embellish means that you pad it or sprinkle it with information that isn’t true but sounds sweet and gives a higher perception of your skills and experiences.

The aim of doing this is to probably to portray yourself as knowing your onions even when you don’t have what you claim to have. (You know the idea of fake it till you make it. Something like that.)

What you don’t know is this…

There is an opportunity for you at whatever stage of life you are in and at whatever level of skill you have.

Even your age is not a barrier to the limitless opportunities that are available for you. Yes, you heard that right.

This is why you don’t need to lie on your CV or for any application.

But no one will know…

Yes, no one might know but you can be sure that your lie would find you out sooner or later.


So, imagine you lie on your CV that you’ve once been in a managerial position at a company because you were seeking for higher pay. The company in question could even be non-existent (people go this far).

You may get the job but if you don’t have the skills and knowledge to sustain that job, you would later come off as being incompetent.

You might end up being demoted or embarrassed in that job.

Someone might do a background check on you and find out that you’ve been telling a lie.

When they show up with their evidence and you can’t defend it, that would be heartbreaking.

Someone might tell you to lie and get experience on the job. But not all jobs would give you the opportunity to fake it till you make it.

Some opportunities are advertised with the sole aim of having the best hands to take them up because there’s no accommodation for extra training.

So, you have to be really good and prove it. You can get past the initial stage but you might not survive for long.

Lying about your qualifications also keeps the organization at risk because if they have to fire you after finding out that you’ve been lying, they have to waste extra time to hire somebody else.

This is what you should know…

There’s a job that’s crafted specially for you right now!

With the skills you have now, there’s a job that’s fit for you.

Don’t be selfish or let the oppression from others instigate you to lie about what you’re not qualified for. Take your time, you will get there.

If it is for studies abroad, there are schools that would accept you with all that you have.

You only have to find them and apply. Find the programme or job that suits your qualification.

The reason most people don’t get the opportunities they are looking for is because they applied to the one that’s wrong for them.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t be bold and take on challenging opportunities.

But do this only when you’re applying with accurate information about you. Don’t lie.

People have gotten opportunities they were not qualified for and they didn’t have to lie.

You would also have peace that you’ve done the right thing.

And peace, my friend, is golden. You don’t want to trade it for money or anything.

When you go for interviews, say things as they are. When you’re asked to give answers to questions, say what you know and what you’ve done.

There’s nothing wrong in saying you have no idea about a question instead of beating around the bush and still arriving at the wrong answer.

This is even more embarrassing than saying you don’t know.

Business people also lie about their financial state when approaching investors.

This usually decreases their chances when starting new businesses because word goes around and people will tell others of how you’ve defrauded them.

There are opportunities everywhere but you can get them without using falsified personal information.

Do it with whatever you have.
Remember that there’s an opportunity looking for you somewhere in the world.

Organizations are looking for you, they want to sponsor you to your next level and they want to work with honest people.

Will you be one?

If you read this far, what do you think about today’s thoughts?

Have you been in a situation where you had to ‘push up’ or pad your qualification for an opportunity?

Is it something you would like to share?

Do you have faith in God and in your abilities?

You can reply and talk to me about it.

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