The Art and Benefits of Journaling

2 min readMay 26, 2022


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Let’s talk about journaling…

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Just like yesterday, we said, “Happy new year!” but what’s today’s date?

It is easy to start wondering where all the time went.

You might even ask what you’ve been doing with your time since the beginning of the year.

You need journaling or better still, what I call ‘writing something down.’

When I start to ask what a month or a year has been for me, my journal gives me an overview.

It is possible for a whole year to pass you by without you being able to track all that you’ve been doing in a year.

Write something down.

Writing in a journal doesn’t mean you have to write about only activities. Sometimes, you can write about the ideas you get.

Sometimes, it is about the people that inspire you. Other times, it is about special or specific experiences you want to reminisce.

You can write anything in that journal. It could even be your finances and how you’re spending money.

And most importantly, it could be what God is talking about.

You don’t have to write in this journal everyday. I think this is what holds most people back from journaling.

You can decided to do a weekly summary in this journal, summarizing what the week has been for you and your takeaways.

My first journal was a small sheet of paper. It wasn’t even up to a full sheet.

After that, I got better. I now have a full book that contains some few years of my life and everything I have written there. There’s a new book that’s my current journal.

For you, it doesn’t have to be a book. It can be a digital note where you keep certain records.

Journaling is also another great way to keep memories.

You too can start journaling.

You can start keeping important records that pertain to your life.

You can do it.

Just start!

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