The Real Power of Atomic Habits

2 min readJun 6, 2024


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One tiny habit cannot change or transform your life.

It’s very unlikely that that would happen.

But if you made another habit, and another habit and continue that way, it’s not one small habit that does the change, but the many other habits that you added up.

You also need many “1 percent improvement” to make a thousand percent.

If you want your behaviors to be effortless, make your habit obvious, make them attractive, make them easy, and make them satisfying.

Don’t stop working.

Don’t stop training.

Don’t stop learning.

Don’t stop saving.

Don’t stop caring.

All of these things would add up.

It’s the small habits that would add up.

It even goes beyond adding up.

They will compound.

And that’s the power of atomic habits.

It’s the tiny changes that brings about the remarkable results.

You followed this far. You deserve a badge of honor. 🏅

I hope you’ve picked up useful ideas for making habits work for you.

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