Why You Should Attend The Next EJRM

EJRM is short for Employability and Job Readiness Masterclass. It is a masterclass for job seekers at all levels.

True to popular belief, a masterclass has a tone of seriousness where only specialized knowledge is dished out by those who have mastery of a subject matter. In the case of EJRM, the subject matter is nothing more but jobs and career development.

EJRM was started as a vision to solve the problem of outdated job search knowledge and information that incapacitated those who received it. It can be daunting to know that job search skills that were relevant few years ago are no longer relevant in this present day, even as technology evolves every day. To keep up with latest trends, you need a masterclass and not just any masterclass. You need Employability and Job Readiness Masterclass.

Do you know that 200 million people are unemployed worldwide? This is a statistic by the United Nations. Do you also know that the longer you stay at home not developing your skills, the harder it is to get into the job market? You must have also heard that it takes an average of 9 months for youth corps members to land a meaningful job after the service year in Nigeria. These are not framed-up statistics. They are backed up by research.

As a tip of the iceberg, at EJRM, we advise “youth corpers” to start applying for jobs months before the end of the service year. As a “corper”, you should have attended at least two job interviews during the course of the service year. We have found that this is one of the ways to prevent staying at home for 9 months without a good job. This plus many more, we share at the masterclass.

Now the big question.

Why should you attend Employability and Job Readiness Masterclass (EJRM)?

1. You are serious about your future

At the second edition of EJRM which is EJRM 2.0, I was shocked to find participants come in as early as 7:30 am for an event scheduled to start by 8:00 am. The only thing that occurred to me was that these are people serious about their future. They have decided not to leave their future to chance and they are ready to take the bull by the horn.

At our organization, one of our maxims is that “Getting a job is a job”. You don’t want to start navigating the waters of the job market without any clear map and instruction from those who have been there, are there and are still going to be there for a long time. They are ready to hold your hands to help you succeed but that’s only if you are serious about your future.

2. The information is priceless

The information and practical steps you get at EJRM are priceless compared to the token being charged for the masterclass. On a normal day, to get such information on your own, it will take you days, if not months of research and reading of valuable job-related books. I am sure you don’t have such luxury of time if you are someone who can’t wait to get a job really quick.

To a large extent, this is not information that is readily available on search engines so it is possible to waste valuable time in personal research and still not get the desired and result-producing information. Why waste precious time when you can attend an EJRM.

3. The masterclass is taught by experts

At EJRM, you will find experts like the Human Resource persons of global companies letting you in on what is required of job seekers in their companies. They share secrets, do’s and don’ts, and are very practical in making you understand what really goes on in the world of work. So, you are not being trained on just how to get a job, but also how to become a valued employee after you get the job.

At the last edition of EJRM, Godwin Benson, the CEO of Tuteria and CareerLyft explained what the employment process is from the angle of a CEO. He gave exciting examples of how recruitment is done and the factors that come into play before the final candidate is chosen for the job. It was very enlightening.

4. It is very practical and intense

Asides the knowledge to be gained, you get to participate in interactive sessions and an interview session that mimics various interview scenarios that take place in the real world. You are assessed and given feedback on your performance right there.

You also get the opportunity to answer written interview questions. You get your score before you leave the event and access to many other practice questions for your personal preparation. What about learning how to write the winning CV and cover letter? You learn all of that too.

5. We support you

This is the most interesting part about attending an EJRM. The journey does not end after the masterclass. We follow you up, we support and ensure you really get that dream job. How do we do this? Participants of EJRM are added to a WhatsApp group where they can ask any question at any time.

In addition, they get free monthly WhatsApp trainings plus jobs are posted daily to be applied for. You also get free job advice and are in a community of people who are in the job market or are fellow job seekers. You are never alone. Experiences and testimonies are shared as well and the learning continues.

To wrap this up, past participants have secured jobs in amazing companies and if you can practice all you are going to learn at any of our masterclass, you will have results to show too. At EJRM, our results speak for us and you will thank yourself for the decision to attend.

There is no gainsaying that the value we offer far outweighs the price for an EJRM. It is a token compared to the real value of the masterclass. Plan to attend one! You will be glad you did and you will thank us later.

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Techie. Writer. Mentor. Developer. Teacher. Editor. Entrepreneur. Technical Writer. Consultant at marykeenconsult.com

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Techie. Writer. Mentor. Developer. Teacher. Editor. Entrepreneur. Technical Writer. Consultant at marykeenconsult.com