You, Your Career and God

3 min readJun 28, 2022
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A man’s career has found a place in his life over time. God also has a place in the heart of some men alongside their career, but some men don’t have a place for any of these two; they are disillusioned about life and they don’t even know where to start when it comes to their career.

But in a perfect and balanced life, all three (you, God, and your career) are supposed to find harmony and be a complete blend.

The world is in a disarray today because it has decided to put God out of its activities of which career is one. In reality, we can have a world where the three meets and co-exist excellently.

Career on its own is fundamental in the fulfilment of one’s purpose, but a beautiful career without God can end up in shambles in the long-run.

The difficulty that exists in binding these three cords is the fact that quite a number of people still don’t have a relationship with God; a state where they are totally surrendered to God and their lives are no longer theirs, including their careers. If God and your relationship with him comes first, then be rest assured that your career will fall into place.

We don’t have to worry our heads over issues concerning our careers all because we are connected to the One person who has us at the centre of His heart and that person is God.

With Him, our career stays intact and even if challenges arise like job loss, lack of motivation in the world place, a tough boss, no startup capital (for business), or whatever challenge at all, we know His promises and what His word says concerning these situations.

Above all, we are assured that something better awaits us.

God is interested in your career and you! Talk with Him today.

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I pray you find a perfect blend between you, your career and God.





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