Whether you are new to programming or an accomplished developer with some years of experience in the bag, having to learn a new programming language will always be something you would have to do in your tech career.

For newbies, it can be confusing to figure out the programming language to start with. Advice from several developers could leave you more confused than ever before. When you have no advice to stand as a guide, you throw yourself into the programming world, stir your course on your own and see where it all leads.

No matter what, there are six…

Reading has never been easy especially when you have to juggle it with a crazy daily schedule but I hacked the code. I am ready to show you how I did that.

It was going to be my first time reading as many as 39 books in a year, a mix of hard-cover books and e-books.

I didn’t know that I had gotten to 39 because at a time, I lost count but I took records. With this record, I was able to track how many books I read each month.

Sincerely, there were months that I didn’t read a…

Images of sample curriculum vitae (CV)/Resume

Your resume is not supposed to just inform but to sell you.

This is what distinguishes a resume that is only filled with responsibilities as opposed to accomplishments.

When writing a resume, consider asking yourself the outcome of whatever task you did on a job. Give it context and let employers see the importance of whatever you did.

Think about the person or employer that would be reading your CV/resume.

How would you portray yourself in the best light to the person reading?

Remember that employers are one of those that have a short attention span so you want to…

Technology is a big part of our lives right now and so many seem to be lost in the fast-paced and fast-changing world.

With the COVID pandemic that caused organizations to lay off a vast majority of employees in the past few months, it is easy to drift into the thoughts that the next things to start learning in order to be rightly positioned for the jobs of the future are courses in Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development and others similar to this.

It would surprise you to know that the digital skills you need now are…

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I really wasn’t sure whether I wanted to write this or not but 2020 has indeed been a great year. I got to focus more on personal development while coaching and mentoring others in my little capacity. I also got to contribute my writing skills to businesses, professionals and students while pursuing some form of entrepreneurship.

I also broke the record I had in 2019 for the number of books I read. Last year, I read a total of 18 books. You can check them out here. …

This blog post is not to tell you what you should know about investments but instead, what you should consider before investing. It is to give you the awareness you need before you think of taking up any investment opportunity.

Investment is a step further from savings but again, this article is not about how you can save up for investment. If you are looking to double up on your savings plan in preparation for investment, read this article on digital saving.

Since investment is making your money work for you, you can only think of investment after you have…

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An emergency fund is just as the name implies. It serves emergency purposes. It is that money you can always run to when you don’t have any other means of income.

If for example, you were laid off at work like most people were during the early days of the global pandemic or if you needed to cater for the health challenges of a loved one or any sort of emergency at all, there should be money kept somewhere that you can run to. That money is your emergency fund.

The purpose of having an emergency fund is so that…

Speaking to youths on topics like this is always a great delight for me.

In this video, I shared 6 major ways you can be strategic with after-school and employment with a bonus on the different paths you can opt for immediately after school.

Watch the video

My video session on how to be strategic with after-school and employment. Stops at the 34th minute. Shout out to Temidayo for the invitation.

Some few highlights:

0. Know Thyself: Putting yourself in situations that stretch your limits can reveal to you the things you never knew about yourself. Friends and families are…

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For every profession, there are skills required for thriving. These skills can either be hard skills or soft skills.

Hard skills involve the technical know-how or the knowledge associated with using a tool, software or a process.

Soft skills on the other hand are skills that are needed to enhance the hard skills. Hard skills without soft skills can make a professional inhumane while discharging career duties.

Soft skills should never be overlooked or underrated. Having them makes your work smooth and your long term career journey memorable.

These are 21 soft skills you need to consider in your professional…


If there is anything I’ve learnt about entrepreneurship these past months, it is this: life is a risk, entrepreneurship is a risk and only the risk-takers lose themselves to find themselves again.

It’s been a roller coaster with 55 Africans from 14 African countries, who left family and friends to explore new waters in a land that most have never been.

The interesting part is that the adventure never stops as many will be moving to other parts of Africa they’ve never been to start businesses.

It’s all a cycle of risk but if you flow with the tide and…


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